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Auto Glass Repair

Just noticed a chip or a ding on your windshield? Dial (855) 245-0069 now to get it fixed!


If you see a chip or ding in your glass, it’s cheaper and easier to repair the glass now than wait until that ding becomes a crack and the whole thing needs to be replaced. We have the best tools to give you proper patches and adjustments to your windshield. Prevent further damage now.

Chips and dings can occur for various reasons, such as:


  • Flying gravel
  • Debris from trucks
  • Any hard object hitting the glass
  • Things falling on your windshield



While none of this is preventable, having to replace an entire piece of glass is! When you catch it early, a solution can be put in place, that strengthens the area around the chip or ding, so damage doesn’t spread further.


Need any additional information? Dial (855) 245-0069 now and let our knowledgeable technicians provide you with the answers to any questions you might have!